Excellence is the focus at Miami Caterings and we are a company with a firm commitment to creating an enjoyable, positive experience for all those with whom we work. We provide a difference in the trade through our imaginative, fully creative, mouth-watering culinary experience offering.

Any number of guests can be catered for, from large corporate events, weddings, 50th birthday celebrations, 25th wedding anniversary parties or small, private dining functions.

Our relationship with our clients is friendly, personable and flexible – where quality, professionalism and attention to detail is the number one priority. Miami Caterings would be delighted to help you plan one of the most memorable events of your life!


Che Grill was created in a burst of imagination and excitement as part of the first group of Food Trucks to venture and explore South Florida communities. Food Trucks were a novelty and we wanted to bring authentic Argentine cuisine to this new culinary movement that was sweeping the United States.


We chose “Che” – the Argentine version of buddy – because it was a short, internationally recognized word that encompasses friendship and goodwill.  Che Grill is wrapped in the colors reminiscent of the Argentine Flag: white and light blue. And our logo is a bright friendly sun with a happy cow that welcomes “hello” in many languages.

As a family-run business we wanted to offer what we would serve at home: High quality beef – the premiere symbol of Argentine cuisine – served with homemade sauces. The stakes are grilled to order and presented on freshly baked bread, baked right on the truck to insure crispness and delight. We also offer Argentine-style “empanadas”.

That is still the way we run Che Grill. Always freshly grilled beef, a variety of premier Argentine-style cuts, on a freshly baked crispy bread, Our signature dish is the Gaucho Burger, a “lomito” cut steak, topped with ham, cheese, and a fried egg on bed of lettuce and tomato…always on the most delicious freshly baked crunchy bun.

We have a number of awards and written recognitions, including a plaque for 2013 Best Argentine Restaurant in South Florida, a people’s choice prize presented by WLPG in Miami.  Florida Gov. Rick Scott recognized us in a letter for being one of Florida’s “Clean” restaurants without a single health violation in 2013.


The Empanada Truck was born in 2013 as a result of our clients’ requests for specialization in empanadas –  a flaky turnover pastry made with special flour filled with, beef or chicken or vegetables.

We are proud to offer 30 different fillings for all tastes for meat lovers as well as vegetarians.  And our empanadas are always baked – never fried – making them a favorite among healthy simple finger foods.

Both Che Grill and The Empanada Truck are staples in events throughout South Florida from famous Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood to Miami Beach.

Our fame for good food and friendly service has spilled over to catering parties for large companies. Our corporate clients include banks, airlines, private schools, television stations and network shows.

We are still growing and finding new venues for our culinary specialties.

We welcome you to join us in this adventure and we will meet you at a place of your choice.